Payment Methods


How does Paypal work

You have to sign up with an email address to use PayPal. After that, you link your credit card or bank account to your PayPal account. Then you can either fund your PayPal account to make purchases. Or you can use your bank account or credit card indirectly on shops and sites that accept Paypal using just your Paypal email address. Payments are processed instantly. So in the case of webcam sex, you will instantly receive your credits or your access to a private show.

Paypal and adult websites

Paypal has never been too keen on accepting adult and erotica businesses as their clients. So finding a webcam sex site that accepts Paypal can be challenging. Luckily there are plenty of live sex sites where you can use Paypal. These webcam sex sites usually use a third-party payment processor like epoch to handle their customer’s Paypal transactions.

Buyer’s protection

PayPal offers buyers solid purchase protection. This protection applies to products not received, products damaged during shipping, and products that differ significantly from the description. For example:

Most goods and services are eligible for purchase protection. In addition to physical products, the protection also applies to access rights for digital content . This means that in the case of webcam sex you won’t have to be afraid to be scammed or not receiving what you have paid for.

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