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What is bitcoin?

With the growing number of online transactions and the increasing distrust towards banks after the financial crisis, the demand for a new digital means of payment is rising. This means of payment should be able to exist in parallel with the existing financial system. The most important thing is that this new system is decentralized and therefore there is no single point of failure.

Bitcoin is the answer to the demand for a new digital currency. You can best think of bitcoin as a digital form of cash: a way of exchanging value directly from person to person, with no third party involved. We call this peer-to-peer.

How to get bitcoins?

Buying bitcoins

Want to buy bitcoins? You can! If you know someone who has bitcoins and wants to sell them then buying them is still quite simple, you give the cash and the other person sends the bitcoins. If you don’t know anyone who sells bitcoins you can sign up with a broker like BTC Direct, Robinhood, Binance, Coinbase, etc. You will automatically receive a bitcoin wallet with your own private address to receive your bitcoins.

Bitcoin for adult sites

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, in general, are increasingly popular payment methods to use on adult webcam sex sites. Mainly because it’s an anonymous payment method and pretty much impossible to trace the payments. And most people do not want anyone finding out what porn sites they visit or that they enjoy live sex entertainment in their free time.

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